Folkwise Merch

You can purchase Folkwise Merch through our online store:

All artwork is designed by the talented artists on the WiseFolk Team!

Take a photo with your Folkwise merch and we will add it to our website gallery! Email photos to

  • an image of a white horse with a banner beneath it that reads the horse’s name ‘Ostension’.
  • Folkwise logo in longform sticker version on top, and a square sticker reading Folk Wise stacked on top of each other with a holographic rainbow background
  • image is the design for the sticker featuring a ladder that has Folkwise written going up the ladder.
  • Centered in the middle of the image is a white circle that has a black border with a green durian fruit in the middle. Text surrounds the durian fruit at the top and bottom of it reading ‘Durian Fruit Reclamation Project’.
  • a black t-shirt with the Folkwise logo (cream text outlined in brown)