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Screenshot from the Candyman, a dark skinned man wearing a large fluffy coat standing in a concrete parking lot with a cityscape behind him.
Patreon Folklorist Commentary #1: CANDYMAN with Lamont Jack Pearley
IT’S SPOOKY SEASON and Folkwise is giving you Patrons our very first Folklorist Commentary audio track. The first three commentary tracks we’re trying to are all films about fieldwork. This month for a spooky Halloween folklore watch, we’re doing the 1992 classic Candyman, starring Virginia Madsen as a folklorist and Tony Todd as the killer from the urban legend she’s studying. We’re gonna be commenting on all the folklore in this movie, from the urban legends they reference, to African American folklore, to little details about life in grad school. Joining us is Lamont Jack Pearley from the African American Folklorist and Western Kentucky University! Press play at 1:15 on this track and our voices will sync up to your watch! Enjoy a Halloween treat!  

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