Folkwise Live

Livestreaming video games and interviews on the Folkwise Twitch channel! The show typically features a special guest who is embedded in the world of folklore along with an interview and a playthrough of a videogame thematically relevant to the guest’s interests.

Check us out on every Tuesday from 7PM to 11PM Eastern (schedule posted on the Folkwise Instagram)

Folk Cited

A monthly Book Club brought to you the third Thursday of the month on Twitch!

Check us out on every third Thursday of the month from 8PM to 10PM Eastern (schedule posted on the the Folkwise Instagram)

Folkwise YouTube Channel

Storehouse for a range of educational productions, including mini-lectures, creative video essays, and recordings from past episodes of Folkwise Live.
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Current Playlists:
  • Folkwise Live Interviews
  • Mini-Lectures
  • Folk Cited (Episodes and More)
  • AFS 2021 Interviews
  • Folkwise Live Highlights
  • Folkwise BoTW Highlights
  • Folkwise Plays Hades
  • Folkwise Plays Boyfriend Dungeon