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You can support WiseFolk Productions by contributing to our Patreon, where you can get exclusive access to bonus episodes, video essays, specialty items, personalized content, and more!

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Folkwise Merch

Folkwise designs are all created by the talented artists on our team! Featured merch includes a tee shirt with our Folkwise Logo, an enamel pin of Ostension the Horse, and several stickers featuring our logo and inside jokes from our livestream community.

Image of a thylacine head with an open mouth and speech bubble. Inside speech bubble reads "WiseFolk productions, LLC" and outside at the bottom text reads "Producers of Folkwise"
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Consultation & Creative Services

WiseFolk Productions, LLC provides services in digital content creation and production, marketing and outreach, and digital archiving and processing to inquiring non-profit and public education focused organizations.

“The Folkwise team is an invaluable resource for what is new and vibrant in the folklore community. Being a guest on the Folkwise stream was a blast because the hosts are an incredible pair of some of the most exuberant human beings. Talking with them about folklore feels like finding a personal like minded community, completely safe to geek out over a passion for folklore”

– Katrina Reinert, The Fairy Tellers Podcast

“It’s folklore and video games combination pizza hut taco bell.”

– ElleFoxglove, Artist and Cosplayer

Let’s make something folkloric together.