Frantic Fanfic: Co-narration and Chaos!

Last week on Folkwise Live (02/15/22) we got a few members of the team together to play a group game of Frantic Fanfic (and it’s free and uses a web browser to play!). This creative writing game gives players an opportunity to author parts of a fanfiction narrative based on somewhat randomized pairs of characters. Fanfiction is typically considered pieces of ammeter-styled writing based on existing characters and works of fiction. This folkloric writing genre has taken off online, and has been a source of joy for our team, especially Shirley, Chrissy, Kaitlyn, and Dom. It was fun to have an opportunity to co-narrate some silliness together!

Below are the verbatim fanfics resulting from our gameplay. Please enjoy this absolute silliness! Folkwise Live streams on Twitch every Tuesday night from 7PM to 11PM.

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Folkwise will be at the American Folklore Society’s Annual Conference!

Find us talking folklore throughout the event!

This year’s AFS Annual Meeting (October 18th-23rd, 2021) has given the Folkwise team a unique opportunity to assist with hybridization this year. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic lingering far longer than any of us had hoped, AFS has chosen to hold a part-virtual (hosted through an online portal) and part in-person (Harrisburg, PA) annual meeting. In an effort to help this conference feel less like two different experiences and more like one unique event, Folkwise has been hired to assist in making the experience feel more hybridized for conference attendants. Members of our team will be hosting virtual events and experience live on Twitch as well as in-person for audiences at home who could not attend the in-person Harrisburg portion. We will also be hosting live-streams of the plenary addresses and large lectures so the audience watching from home can feel as much a part of the experience as possible throughout the event. Find us online or at Harrisburg in a few weeks away!

***To view events not streamed Live on Twitch, you must register to attend the American Folklore Society Conference. Registration information linked here!

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