Andrea Kitta, Ian Brodie, and Lynne McNeill walk into a bar….

Folkwise ran a special live episode live from the 2022 American Folklore Society Annual Meeting in Tulsa, OK. We interviewed more folklorists than ever before! However, one interview (group interview) was just too…. special not to make a Patreon exclusive!

The famous folklore trio of Lynne McNeill, Andrea Kitta, and Ian Brodie were so unhinged we felt obligated to make it a Patreon exclusive for our biggest fans eyes only. Enjoy the late-night special. Check out our AFS2022 Playlist for bonus clips and the rest of the interviews! Thanks for watching.

You can watch this special moment from AFSAM22 on Patreon at the $5+ tier. Give us a like and a shoutout if you found the content entertaining!

                                                                                                                                Daisy Ahlstone

AFSAM22 Folkwise LIVE Interview Playlist (for the rest of the show!)

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