Andrea Kitta, Ian Brodie, and Lynne McNeill walk into a bar….

Folkwise ran a special live episode live from the 2022 American Folklore Society Annual Meeting in Tulsa, OK. We interviewed more folklorists than ever before! However, one interview (group interview) was just too…. special not to make a Patreon exclusive!

Folkwise Chat Commands (Twitch Channel Folklore)

On our primary platform Twitch, we have an automod called NightBot to help us filter through Spam and Trolls while we are streaming. Nightbot also helps chatters and moderators more easily share links to social media and other functions for community engagement. NightBot has found a new and much more important service – the facilitationContinue reading “Folkwise Chat Commands (Twitch Channel Folklore)”

Frantic Fanfic: Co-narration and Chaos!

Last week on Folkwise Live (02/15/22) we got a few members of the team together to play a group game of Frantic Fanfic (and it’s free and uses a web browser to play!). This creative writing game gives players an opportunity to author parts of a fanfiction narrative based on somewhat randomized pairs of characters.Continue reading “Frantic Fanfic: Co-narration and Chaos!”